The Contentment Coach | Video Business Card

Updated: Feb 26

We produced a video business card for the Contentment Coach. Jason Spann is a certified Life Coach, based in Los Angeles, who's on a mission to help people reach their goals and live their best life. He's been a credentialed educator for 16 years and it has nurtured his life coaching skills, teaching him to be a dynamic and passionate communicator. As long as you have the desire to move forward, Jason can be your accountability partner to help you take that next step. Don't Just Talk About it. Be About it!

We cut together this video for Jason's social media. He shares an awesome story that we weren't able to fit in his video business card. Jason tells how he hit rock bottom by delaying his happiness, until he spontaneously decided to book a 2-year trip to South America. The trip inspired him to turn his life around and pursue life coaching. Check out more of our work here.

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